What makes us the right choice for your child?



At Learning Tree Tuition we provide high-quality, personalised tutoring to help our students transform their goals into achievements. We are passionate about fostering an environment that inspires academic achievement and promotes a love of learning. Our goal is to motivate students to become confident, independent learners prepared to meet academic and personal challenges. Learning Tree delivers tuition that will enhance the learning of each and every student and enable them to succeed in the present while preparing them for the future.

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Learning Tree Tuition empowers students to believe in themselves. The positive and inspiring atmosphere created by the tutors at Learning Tree will encourage your child to strive for academic excellence.

Your child should never doubt his or her self-worth or ability to achieve.

We maintain an encouraging and nurturing learning environment that promotes students’ self-confidence. Learning Tree helps to equip students with necessary skills and confidence to thrive academically.


At Learning Tree we understand that every child is unique and has individual learning needs. Providing tuition in small groups allows us to create individualised learning programs for all of our students.

Tuition in small groups emulates a supportive classroom environment whilst enabling students to maintain a close connection with the tutor. We believe that a strong team atmosphere is crucial for building student confidence and achieving academic success.

We understand that as class sizes increase, the experience for the student becomes less personal which is why we keep groups to no more than six students.

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